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Part of the strangeness
Macteola theskela

Macteola theskela

Shell length reaches 7.5 mm, its diameter is 3 mm. The original description of the inner or columellar edge of the lip has seven or eight close and minute plicae. Also one minute process in the parietal sinus. This graceful loosen shell fusiform, six-whorled, or maybe seven, but the tip is broken off only sample we have. This shows that the longitudinal ribs are crossed by a lirae. The diaphragm is oblong. White sinks is exempt from a number of brown spots between the ribs just above the seams and in the middle of the body whorl.

Anacithara themeropis

Anacithara themeropis

Original description length of the inflated shell up to 5 mm, its diameter 2 mm. Two forms have been noticed by us, which differs in color as follows: - In type as dominated by ash brown shade, round curls with transverse bluish-white. Another beautiful variety, with warm ochre and wanted medium brown linear banding around the last three whorls, which are seven in number. Shell shape is oblong. It is very durable, bluntly ribbed, with fine spiral striae. Outer lip very thickened. Inner lip simple. Aperture ovate. Columella simple.


Mangelia theskeloides

Body length is 8 mm, diameter 4 mm. Original description fusiform, somewhat hard shell becomes softer towards the apex. It consists of seven whorls. The whorls of the protoconch are imperfect in all the considered examples. They acquire a blackish-brown. Subsequent whorls are towers, lofty and brightly painted in ocher. They are ornamented with strong longitudinal ribs, which number eleven on the body whorl. This rugged close spiral striae, which are not shown on older worn specimens. The most conspicuous feature is a series of darker blackish-brown areas.one just above the suture on each whorl, and the other in the center of the low. These zones are interrupted and appear only between the ribs, the remaining surface is painted in light brown scattered dots and fire, a series of maculations of the light spiral just below the seams being particularly noticeable. Aperture narrow, oblong, dark area shows across the cabin. Outer lip thickened, sinus very vague. Columella straight and stained with brown at base.


Cryptophasa themerodes

Cryptophasa themerodes moth in the family Xyloryctidae. It was described by Turner in 1904. He is in Australia, where it has been recorded from Queensland. The wingspan of about 35 mm. In forewings whitish, closely mixed with grey, with some dark-brown scales. The point of an intervertebral minimum is dark brown scales, first to third, second beyond middle, and a third on fold obliquely after the first. There are a few dark dots near the Termen fuscous. Wings whitish, towards Termen suffused with pale brown.

Compsodrillia thestia

Compsodrillia thestia

Shell length reaches 14 mm, diameter 5 mm. The original description of the slender, sharp shell highly textured, with a pale brownish clouding on a yellowish-white background. In protoconch smooth, inflated, consists of a 1½ turn, and then about eight sculptured whorls. Sutures distinct, wavy, strongly appressed, with thick edges, with a strong cord from a much constricted anal fasciole. Another spiral sculpture consists of, on the spire of one or two strong peripheral cords, swollen and almost corners, where they override the ribs. On the body whorl six or seven cords with much wider spaces and many smaller objects-set threads on siphonal canal. Axial sculpture consists of seven or eight very conspicuous ribs on the penultimate whorl, rubbing on the body whorl, and the majority fairly well-known widely spaced incremental lines evident on the body whorl. Aperture subovate. Anal sulcus conspicuous, rounded, with a marked subsutural callus. Outer lip thin, moderately arched, and not varicose veins. The inner lip shows a layer of enamel from the front edge raised. Columella short, straight. In the siphonal canal is hardly different from that of the diaphragm.



Thespieus tapayuna J. Zikan, 1938. Caraca Thespieus Evans, 1955. Peruviae Thespieus Lindsay, 1925. Thespieus opigena Hewitson, 1866. Thespieus Argentina Draudt, 1923. Thespieus abauna J. Zikan, 1938. Matucanae Thespieus Lindsay, 1925. Thespieus abatira J. Zikan, 1938. Thespieus Dalman Latrielle. (Thespieus Далман Latrielle) Thespieus zikani Mielke 1971. Thespieus castor Hayward, 1948. Thespieus vividus bed Mabille, 1891. Thespieus Pinda Evans, 1955. Thespieus macareus Herrich-Schaffer, 1869. Thespieus othna Butler, 1870. Thespieus tihoneta weeks, 1901. Xarina Thespieus Hayward, 1948. Thespieus xarippe Butler, 1870. Thespieus Thona Evans, 1955. Thespieus catochra of Plotz, 1882. Thespieus aspernatus Draudt, 1923.



Themara is a genus of tephritid or fruit flies in the family Tephritidae. Many species have the head elongated laterally with both eyes located on the extension. Their biology is largely unknown, but are thought to breed on rotting wood logs or tree trunks. There are about 10 species distributed in South and South-East Asia and include: T. jacobsoni. T. Andamanensis. (Andamanensis Т) T. hirsuta. T. yunnana. T. ampla. T. maculipennis. T. hirtipes. So extraria. (Так extraria) So lunifera. (Так lunifera) Nigrifacies T.


Negative partisanship

Negative partisanship is the tendency of some voters to form their political views in the first place, in opposition to political parties that they dont like. In other words, while traditional party membership involves the support of the political positions of his party, his negative counterpart, in turn, means opposed those positions disliked party. It has been claimed to be the cause of sharp polarization in American politics. However, he also studied in the canadian context, and also in Australia and New Zealand.


Otar Partskhaladze

Otar Partskhaladze, the General Prosecutor of Georgia from November 2013 to December 2013. He resigned because of the different priors. Until 2008 he worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs on various posts, in addition to being a member of the interim energy Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. In addition, he was the head of investigative service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. In November 2018, he was charged in the beating of the former head of the national audit office, Lasha Tordia, in may 2017, and granted bail of 5.000 lari. He was involved in several high-profile incidents. A few days before his resignation, Partskhaladze admitted assaulting a police officer in 2010.



Theseis is a third-person action-adventure video game developed by the Greek indie development team Track7 Games. Development began in 2004, and the game was scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PC in early 2008. The game will take place in modern Athens, and the star will be a Duo of researchers of paranormal phenomena, caught between the mundane and supernatural worlds. The game would feature characters from Greek mythology, while the plot would force players to follow clues in search of a long-lost ancient artifact that could cause a catastrophe for the entire human race. Although they generated a lot of interest in both local and international media, they languished in development hell for almost half a decade before being unceremoniously cancelled in August 2009 due to lack of funds.

  • teilerfremder Zahlen kann folglich nicht gekürzt werden. Zum Nachweis der Teilerfremdheit berechnet man gewöhnlich den gröSten gemeinsamen Teiler: Zwei Zahlen
  • zu sein relativ prim sind zwei Zahlen, die teilerfremd sind, siehe Teilerfremdheit Orte: Prim Arkansas Stadt in den USA Prim Neckar Fluss in Baden - Württemberg
  • und dessen Konvergenzverhalten. Cesàro - Kurve: eine fraktale Kurve. Teilerfremdheit Satz von Cesàro über die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass zwei zufällig gewählte
  • wurde als Errungenschaft und nicht als Problem oder Krise betrachtet. Teilerfremdheit bei natürlichen Zahlen Goldener Schnitt H. Vogt: Die Entdeckungsgeschichte

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